What is The Takeoff?

Welcome to “The Takeoff” a Place where DIYers just like yourself can go for information on how you can complete those projects all around your home! We will include some of our tips and tricks along the way!

In construction the term “Takeoff” is what’s calculated, to determine how much material is needed to complete a job. Once complete, your leftover material would be considered the rest of your take off, which you would want to be minimal! Our thought process was, lets make a place where we can share our “takeoffs” and get a little more in-depth than we normally can on Social Media. At Hatley Construction & Repair we are still on the jobsite every day and love what we do, so why not have a place to share our insights, or common questions/problems we encounter!

If y’all follow us on social media we will put updates and links to our newest content that we are creating so be sure to check us out!!

So I’m pretty sure since we are “taking off”, you may want to buckle up. Stay tuned!!!

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